Membership - $220 / 3 months

Membership includes:

  • Charlotte Fencing Academy affiliation and patch
  • Required to purchase regular classes and take private lessons
  • Free bouting when strips are available
  • Opportunity to be part of our local and national teams
  • Coaching at local competitions when available
  • Free WiFi at the school.

Ongoing classes

All classes are taught in 8 class sessions. Each class includes warmup, stretching, basic fitness, footwork, fencing drills, and free frencing.  Membership is required to take any ongoing classes.

Beginning Foil/Epee Classes - $80/month

These classes are for our new young fencers fresh out of introductory classes to further develop their basic fencing skills and fitness.

Intermediate Foil/Epee Classes - $100/month

These classes are for our experienced young fencers and older fencers to further develop their skills in preparation for competition.

Competitive Group - By Invitation

This is only for our older students who are focused on competition. Students will be invited by the coach when they are ready and willing to make the committment to their training.

Private Lessons

This is the best way for fencers to develop their technical skills for performance in competition.

Both membership and class fees are required for private lessons. Students need to be able to apply the skills they learn in lessons against a variety of opponents. This is done through their class drills and bouting.

1 lesson / week - $140


 All basic equipment will be provided with no additional charge. Electric scoring equipment will be provided on an as-available basis. We expect students to purchase their own equipment over time. When interested, we can provide suggestions regarding which vendors to choose

Family Discounts

We offer discounts for families with multiple fencers.

  • 10% off all costs for 2 family members
  • 15% off all costs for 3 family members
  • 20% off all costs for 4 family members